Empowering Your Enterprise Applications And Operations Personnel With Real Time Informed Decision Making Through Live Situational Intelligence Streamed in High Definition

The concept and converging technology of Remote Assisted Reality trademarked by VMI is the next stage in the evolution of backend OLTP and OLAP Enterprise Applications, enriching the currently static and after-the-fact transactional data, with dynamic high definition audio/video being streamed in real time from remotely occurring business events to be shared, consolidated, collaborated and acted upon, also in real time.

Enterprises have invested a significant amount of resources in the past two decades, implementing and enhancing their backend OLTP (such as ERP and CRM) and OLAP (such as Business Analytics and Reporting) based Enterprise Applications. However these Enterprise Applications to date have been dealing with static data, which by nature has historically been available with varying degrees of delay between the time the event occurred, the time it was recorded in the OLTP system and the time when that data made available for OLAP related business processes and decision making. In today's competitive and corporate or regulatory compliance enforced business world such delays lead to increased process overheads, costs, waste, operational inefficiencies, sluggishness in decision making, problem resolution timeframes and customer dis-satisfaction. The net result of such delays are reduced cashflow and bottomline to the business and increased customer attrition.

At Visual Mobility, we believe that a truly lean and agile Enterprise today would operate in real time, just in time, maximizing the available intellectual capital and domain expertise, to collaborate and resolve problems through actual situational intelligence originated and streamed live in high definition audio/video from remote locations of business. Through our proprietary concept and converging technology of Remote Assisted Reality (or RAR), it is now possible for the smart and agile Enterprise to equip field personnel operating remotely at client locations, vehicles and watercraft (if applicable) operating in the field, with our Remote Assisted Reality Capture Devices. These devices connect through our RAR Network Connectivity Devices to the Internet and stream live High Definition audio/video content in real time, to be consumed by our RAR Enterprise Software Applications , which in turn can be integrated to existing backend OLTP Enterprise Applications to extend and enrich the static transaction data with dynamic live content.

Such an association of dynamic live content with the legacy static data empowers field personnel deployed anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, invite qualified in house experts to view their live content and provide immediate assistance, guidance, resolution and oversight to quickly resolve the presenting problem. The invited expert could at their discretion, further invite other experts both inside and outside the organization to share and collaborate on the same business event to resolve the matter quickly with certainty and confidence. Furthermore our proprietary Remote Assisted Reality Technology allows the live content to be recorded and associated with the transaction and all comments and recommendations from all engaged experts, for future retrieval and analysis. Remote Assisted Reality re-defines the concept of live service support - beyond the blind-sided phone call or chat into the domain of live high definition audio-video streaming with interactive real time multi-party collaboration and expedited resolution through our RAR Enterprise Applications.



Initiate Live Stream From RAR Device >> Consolidate In RAR Software >> Collaborate With Multiple Experts Worldwide In Real Time >> Integrate With Backend Enterprise Applications

Remote Assisted Reality technology solutions extend the capabilities and static transactional data of your backend Enterprise Applications into the dynamic world of real time High Definition bi-directional audio and video. Situations occurring remotely can be captured by our RAR devices, consolidated by our RAR software, through which multiple in-house or external experts can be engaged to collaborate on the same situation in real time for prompt analysis and decision making.

Our modest footprint RAR Enterprise Software Applications are self-sufficient, with full master and transactional data management functions, integrated with the live or recorded audio/video content and can be deployed standalone. Alternatively our apps can integrate with backend OLTP/OLAP Enterprise Applications over web services in real time or through batch processing for bi-directional data exchange.


Our SEENIX Integrated Solution Stack Deploys Remote Assisted Reality In Your Enterprise

In order to deploy Remote Assisted Reality Technology in your Enterprise, a combination of the different components in our technology and our unique system deployment methodology, called the SEENIX Integrated Solution Stack illustrated below are necessary. Deployment of such RAR technology in your Enterprise requires a well structured methodology that VMI provides through our System Deployment Services, to ensure that it is not all about a technology rollout, but also integrates your people and your business processes into the concept of Remote Assisted Reality. The core components of our SEENIX Integrated Solution Stack are the following:


RAR CAPTURE DEVICES Remote Assisted Reality Capture Devices are the heart of our technology and enables field operations personnel to be able to remotely capture high definition audio / video content of the live event or situation and stream that content in real time through the internet to be consumed by our RAR Enterprise Software Applications.

RAR NETWORK CONNECTIVITY DEVICES Remote Assisted Reality Network Connectivity Devices are the communication channel of our technology and provided the much needed wireless broadband connectivity over 4G LTE networks especially in mobile field applications, to our RAR Capture Devices, so that their live content can be streamed in real time through the internet to be consumed by our RAR Enterprise Applications.

RAR APP ACCESS DEVICES These are any device from such as smartphones, mobile tablets, desktops or laptops that can connect to the interent and is equipped with a modern browser to access our RAR Enterprise Software Applications. RAR Native Mobile Apps are currently available in the iOS and Android platforms.

RAR ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE APPS Remote Assisted Reality Software Applications are the brains of our technology - an expanding suite of apps for different industry verticals that provide real time Situational Intelligence to authorized personnel anywhere in the world. These apps consume all the live streams coming from the RAR Capture Devices issued to mobile field operations personnel of a company, combine live streams coming from stationary mounted IP cameras and integrate them in the RAR Enterprise Software App. Multi-party cascaded sharing of that content merged with transaction data, collaboration with both internal and external expert on a particular incident is facilitated through our RAR Enterprise Software Apps. VMI follows the Agile Framework for all of our software development projects and advocate Agile practices and Agile Management principles for both internal and external projects.

RAR ENTERPRISE WEB SERVICES API Our RAR technology extends the capabilities of the OLTP Enterprise Applications through a set of standard APIs that integrate our RAR Enterprise Software Applications to such existing OLTP / OLAP applications. Based on a web services model, our RAR APIs can integrate with traditional ERP and CRM type of Enterprise Applications enabling bi-directional master and transactional data transfer to experience the true power of dynamic real time Situational Awareness for intelligence business decision making. Custom web services based APIs can be developed through our SEENIX System Deployment Services for specialized integrations.

RAR WEB APPLIANCE Imagine this as a 'blackbox' that can be installed within your Enterprise firewall on-premise as a standalone web appliance or it may be installed in a secure private cloud managed by your Enterprise IT Department. VMI currently does not offer the hardware, since every organization has their own list of approved vendors to supply the necessary hardware to support the web appliance. Moreover depending on the number of concurrent live users and live streams and the amount of data that would be stored, hardware sizing on the memory and RAID specifications would vary from company to company. These hardware specifications customized for your organization are part of our System Deployment Services (described below). However VMI will provide a list of software items that would need to be installed on that web appliance when the hardware is available. The web appliance hosts our RAR Enterprise Software App and the Media Server and enables remote user access to everything that our RAR technology has to offer

SEENIX SYSTEM DEPLOYMENT SERVICES Deploying our concept and technology of Remote Assisted Reality requires a structured RAR system deployment methodology. Our SEENIX System Deployment Services leverages our proprietary SyDLC (System Deployment Life Cycle) methodology based on the Agile Framework to integrate our RAR Technology with your existing Enterprise Applications, your people and your business processes under the umbrella of Enterprise Network Security and facilitates the deployment of Remote Assisteed Reality in your enterprise.



Remote Assisted Reality Is The Next Transformational Step In The Evolution Of Your Corporate Investment In Enterprise Applications

Virtual Reality - the terms appears to be an oxymoron from the point of view of feasibility for use in real life business situations occurring live at any given point of time. There's nothing virtual about true reality and business operations in the field are dynamic situations that require intelligent analysis and dynamic decision making - there's nothing virtual about that. Virtual Reality technology leverages a pre-programmed set of graphically generated scenes embedded in a virtual reality device, with what-if scenarios thereof, that are triggered as a result of the 'journey' of the user through the sequence of events. A VR experience requires the user to wear a rather bulky headset which is grossly convenient to carry and operate with any degree of efficiency or safety in the field with the entire field of vision blocked an occupied in a virtually animated world. While VR technology can help business for training purposes, due to the pre-programmed and pre-meditated nature of the content, such technology is not suitable for handling business events and situations occurring in real time.

Augmented Reality is a big step away from the simulated world of Virtual Reality in to real world scenarios. In Augmented Reality, live situations occurring in the physical world are recognized by specialized Augmented Reality capture devices, is augmented (or diminished as the case may be) by additional computer generated information such as text, audio, video, graphics or even GPS data being overlaid on the AR device. The computer program receiving the live input from the AR capture device, is programmed with pattern recognition algorithms and with a combination of artificial intelligence based logic can provide augmented feedback to the AR device for near real time notification to the user. If the AR capture device are specialized eyeglasses or HUD units, the augmented data is displayed as an overlay in near-real time on the glasses for the user to pay attention to, shifting focus to the augmented information and take appropriate action. A huge step up from the simulated world of VR, Augmented Reality however is reliant on sensory inputs from the real physical world that are processed by a pre-programmed set of computer algorithms relevant to the application where AR is being used. The augmented data is computer generated and stays restricted to the scenarios for which it has been programmed for.

Remote Assisted Reality however leaps and transcends over the simulated world of VR and the pre-programmed computer augmented interpretation of the real world sensory inputs of AR into the fact-driven essence of true reality. Through RAR, real time Situational Intelligence on real life business events (such as repair and maintenance, compliance inspections, monitoring, law enforcement incidents or military operations, emergency rescue operations, newsworthy events etc) being captured in high definition audio/video from remote locations are streamed live over the Internet, consolidated with other situational data in lightweight software apps, for single or multi-party instant collaboration, analysis and real time decision making by qualified human experts engaged from anywhere in the world, through any Internet connected device equipped with a modern web browser. Remote assistance is provided in real time by these human experts based on the high definition live audio/video stream of the situation, through direct communication between these invited and engaged human experts and the remote user who is originating the stream, for expedited, intelligent, collaborated decision making and issue adjudication and resolution. We welcome you to explore our website to understand the true essence of Remote Assisted Reality.

Certainly, as long as those devices offer the right APIs for our Remote Assisted Reality Software Applications to integrate with and consolidate them in the framework of our core functionality. Generally speaking, most IP cameras capable of generating live RTMP or RTSP streams can be integrated in our RAR Enterprise Apps. In some law enforcement, sea port authority and coast guard scenarios as long as proper APIs are available, we could integrate AIS tracking signals into our RAR apps. Once integrated, each legacy equipment that is integrated along with VMI provided RAR Capture devices are assigned a unique signature and identity that shows up all throughout the Application including our geo-tracking and video gallery dashboards. Once VMI is engaged to work with your business operations, we will identify and analyze such equipment and their available APIs and will be able to provide more accurate guidance on the feasibility to integrate them in our RAR Enterprise Software Apps.

The precise list of benefits for your organization can be identified once we get engaged in detailed conversations with your team. What would access to real time Situational Intelligence on remotely occurring business events streamed live to multiple internal and external experts for real time collaboration, decision making and resolution do for your business. One of our clients have experienced savings of about $2000 per hour in operational costs. Another have projected a $4.5M savings per year by including one of our RAR capture smartglasses in the service technician's bag of tools. Increased operational efficiences, higher personnel safety, increased responsiveness to customer complaints, enhanced compliance with corporate guidelines and regulatory mandates, reduction of waste, decreased cycle times to resolve issues makes the organization more nimble and leaner, with higher cashflow and hence profitability. The ROI of implementing Remote Assisted Reality in your Enterprise is phenomenal.

Literally any industry vertical or government agency that can benefit from real time Situational Intelligence from remote field operations streamed live in high definition audio/video for multi-party collaboration can benefit from deployment of Remote Assisted Reality. Industry verticals engaged in Service and Maintenance, Line Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Mining, Fleet Operations, Regulatory Compliance Monitoring agencies, Insurance and Casualty, News Reporting, Emergency Services, Law Enforcement, Defense and Border Protection agencies are all examples where deploying business processes and technology related to Remote Assisted Reality can bring significant benefits to the organization. We encourage you to consider the value of real time Situational Awareness from all of your remote business operations, personnel, vehicles and even patrol vessels consolidated in interactive dashboards and integrated with your existing backend Enterprise Applications can do to your business. We welcome the opportunity to consult with you to discuss applicability of RAR in your business.

SEENIX Applications can integrate with any backend Enterprise Application such as SAP in real time (or batch as necessary) over web services - this makes us agnostic to your existing Enterprise Applications.

As one of SAP's Build Partners, currently we are integrated with SAP Asset Intelligence Network (AIN) and deeper integrations into other applications in the SAP solution stack are currently in progress.

Typically OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) applications such as ERP or CRM are prime candidates of integration with SEENIX Applications. We can integrate with custom built Enterprise Applications as well, as long as those applications can support web services. Once integrated, the solution may be deployed in a manner where access to the real time steaming content can be accessed directly from the backend Enterprise Application or from the UI of our RAR Enterprise Applications. Integration of our RAR Enterprise Applications with existing backend Enterprise Applications is considered a deployment project and performed by our RAR System Deployment Services Team.

Yes, we can deploy our RAR Enterprise Software Applications in the cloud or on-premise behind your IT firewall - the choice is entirely yours. We welcome the opportunity to consult with you on this matter. For security reasons we recommend that you use a secure private cloud service provider to deploy our RAR Software Apps, if your choice is to leverage the benefits of a cloud based implementation. Our RAR technology is installed on a web appliance with specific components necessary for our technology to perform its stated functions, the hardware specifications need to be sized according to your business requirements, which would typically be a deliverable of our RAR System Deployment Services.

For our RAR Devices, there is a one time device acquisition fee per device - dependent on the type and number of devices we agree to provide to your RAR deployment project. For our RAR Enterprise Software Applications we offer a PUPM (per-user-per-month) licensing model, depending on the number of named users (1 named user per RAR capture device that we provide) regardless of whether they are all logged in concurrently or not. We are also partnered with Verizon Wireless in the United States to provide preferential rates on data plans to your organization on their reliable 4G network. If you choose to take advantage of such data plans for our RAR wireless network connectivity devices there are monthly recurring charges involved. You are also responsible to licensing costs of COTS software that are part of our Web Appliance. Should you choose to engage our RAR System Deployment Services we have flexible engagement models to offer that would determine the cost of such services. We welcome the opportunity to consult with you and discuss our pricing model in more detail.


Leverage Our Profesional Services Deploy The Business Transformational RAR Concept And Technology In Your Enterprise

While you may be familiar with the concept and process of IT system implementations in your organization, we refer to the introduction of Remote Assisted Reality in your Enterprise as RAR System Deployment.

System Deployment Life Cycle or SyDLC is VMI's proprietary RAR deployment methodology

RAR is not only transformational for your business with its slew of benefits and ROI, it requires the integration of your personnel, your transformed business process and our RAR technology, operating under the umbrella of system security which gives it the scale of a "deployment" rather than an implementation.

Surprisingly enough, despite the apparent complexity, deployment of Remote Assisted Reality in your organization is made straightforward and quick through our Professional Services team through our proprietary SyDLC methodology primarily based on the Agile Framework of Program Management. Led by a team of thoroughbred frontline ERP, Business Process Re-engineering, Change Management, PMI certified, Audio/Video and Wearables Technology professionals with a combined hand-on experience of over 100 years in several vertical markets, our Professional Services team is uniquely qualified to deploy Remote Assisted Reality in your organization.

Leveraging this breadth of experience in the leadership team in several strategic Enterprise Application implementations for Fortune rated companies for, our Professional Services team has developed our proprietary System Deployment Life Cycle (SyDLC) rapid system deployment methodology to deploy RAR in your Enterprise. Based on the Agile Framework for Software Development and Program Management, our unique SyDLC methodology ensures a rapid deployment of Remote Assisted Reality in your organization. In the graphic shown alongside, each of the segments become an integrated Agile Project within the overal SyDLC Program, managed by a PMI-ACPTM Certified Program Manager assigned to the deployment. Our Professional Services team caps their Agile Framework expertise in our SyDLC methodology with their in-depth knowledge of our RAR technology, including integration with your backend Enterprise Applications to deploy RAR in your organization.

VMI understands that not all Enterprise Application systems are alike and certainly IT staff and company culture play an important role in any system implementation and integration efforts. The value of having a trusted flexible partner such as VMI in that process with the right experience and domain expertise (VMI introduced the industry term and concept of Remote Assisted RealityTM and now owns the trademark), is perhaps the most important ingredient in any IT deployment project that involves your foundational systems. There are four cornerstone advantages of our Professional Services that sets us apart in the industry:

RAR CONCEPT, TECHNOLOGY AND OLTP/OLAP EXPERIENCE When integrating our RAR Technology to your existing Enterprise Applications, it is imperative to include the expertise of a qualified RAR integration partner. VMI offers that level of service in every engagement and can leverage product expertise at any time with VMI’s Enterprise Software Application Development team and our different RAR Technology Partners. Our decades of OLTP/OLAP system implementation and integration experience of our consultants all the way to the senior leadership within VMI is a great value to your organization. It is the integration of our RAR Devices with our cutting edge RAR Enterprise Software Applications and further with your existing Enterprise Applications, that differentiate us in the market and provide turnkey solutions that are unparalleled in the industry.

FLEXIBLE CONSULTING AGREEMENTS Our decades of hands-on experience implementing large scale IT systems helps us acknowledge that every IT organization is unique and the importance of company culture, business processes and the people we engage with is likely the most important factor in a successful system deployment project. To that extent, we offer very flexible consulting arrangements ranging from providing onsite or remote staff training, to that “RAR Domain Expert” who drops in weekly to help solve those tough project issues, to fully staffed project personnel. We will engage with your team early and customize the right level of support that blend perfectly into one high performing team.

RAR CORE SOFTWARE CUSTOMIZATION Leveraging our Professional Services to customize our core Remote Assisted Reality Enterprise Software is one of our core competencies that prove less time consuming and facilitates rapid deployments, instead of extensive modifications to your backend Enteprise Applications that need to be integrated with our RAR Software Applications. Often it is easier depending on the functional requirements to modify on the front end to match back end system requirements and our Professional Services can provide the necessary guidance when we get engaged with your team. Contracting with our Professional Services gives you a strong voice in our RAR Enterprise Application Software development process and very often can lead to enhancement of our core software to more easily integrate with your backend Enterprise Applications. Additionally some of your suggestions can also be considered to be part of our standard core Release or be implemented as an optional plugin to our core software. In such cases, these enhancements or plugins become part of our standard Support Agreement and not custom development.

System Deployment Life Cycle (SyDLC) Deployment of RAR is a transformational event in your organization as explained above, impacting your field personnel, support personnel, external vendors who may be called up on to collaborate on real time live sessions, your transformed business processes, your technology stack - all under the umbrella of your corporate system security standards. Moreover such real time visibility to remote operations entails significant change management to your field personnel who are now faced with a business process where their actions in the field can be remotely monitored, shared, recorded, analyzed, evaluated, retrieved for later reference - sometimes even used for corporate and regulatory compliance audits. Only a specialized methodology such as our proprietary SyDLC based on the Agile Program Management Framework, encompasses all of these different moving parts and consolidates them into one set of well coordinated project deliverables. This is a critical cornerstone advantage of engaging our System Deployment Professional Services in your project.

VMI has a distinct vision for the future growth of RAR in several vertical markets. Implementing large complex ERP systems are more and more an institution of the past organizations have already made that investment. With minimal investment and low risk, our System Deployment Professional Services can help launch your company into a leadership position in your market with our cutting edge concept and technology of RAR. A RAR deployment can breathe new life into your backend systems with dynamic content of real time Situational Intelligence and make a dramatic impact on your bottom line with very short issue resolution timelines, leading to reduced operational costs and higher customer or constituency satisfaction.



Our Remote Assisted Reality Technology has valuable benefits to your enterprise and we'd welcome the opportunity to engage in a discussion with you on how we can add value to your operations. We encourage you to reach out to us by completing the form below to provide some basic information and we'll have one of our RAR certified experts contact you right away.